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ODR MEDIATION: How ODR case works

It has been a great honor that the Colorado Office of Dispute Resolution (ODR) selected me to serve as a contract mediator to parties who the court ordered to participate in alternative dispute resolution before their case is heard by the judge. When ODR sends me a referral, I will contact the parties and schedule a date for the mediation session. ODR sets the rates that are charged, and each party pays the same amount.

Each mediation takes a minimum of two hours, and we can schedule for a longer session. Currently, all my mediation are held virtually using Zoom. If you prefer to meet in-person, please contact another mediator listed on the state or county websites.

For inquiries about how much your mediation would cost, please send me a message under “Contact Me” and I’ll respond to you between my appointments.

To schedule an ODR mediation with me, please fill out a referral form at www.coloradoodr.org and make sure you request Nhi Aronheim as your mediator. If you believe your income level qualifies for the reduced rate, please be sure to fill out the reduced rate request at the time of your referral request.