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Nhi Aronheim stands at only four feet, nine inches tall, but she has a reputation of being a “Giant” at negotiating and mediating conflicts. Yes, she’s going from being an Asian refugee to being a Mountain Covergirl! 🙂

If you are looking for a Mediator with law experience who you think can advocate for you, then Nhi is NOT your person. If you are looking for a mediator who has extensive business experience, a great listener with powerful negotiation skills, then Nhi is “your gal.” She can help you avoid going to court by neutrally facilitating discussions and assisting parties to reach their best alternative resolution.

Several anthologies including Colorado Country Life magazine, Kentucky Women: Two Centuries of Indomitable Spirit and Vision, Colorado Public Radio (CPR), Harvey Brownstone Interviews, the Denver Post, the Westword Newspaper, Wicked Local Newspaper (in Massachusetts) and Intermountain Jewish News, have profiled her harrowing journey as a child refugee who escaped conflicted war-torn Vietnam in search of the American Dream and achieved great success in the U.S.

Nhi’s tough background shows her profound understanding that conflicts can happen to everyone. By using her deep experience as a consultant who regularly mediated conflicts among team members, she has been successful at helping many parties settle their disputes in real estate, landlord-tenants, business, money, small claims, insurance, property damages, personal injury, or family and domestic situations.

Nhi received formal trainings in both mediation and negotiation. She also earned a B.S in mathematics from Centre College and a M.S in Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Nhi worked over four years as a consultant and over sixteen years in the mortgage industry. Nhi is also a TEDx speaker and a published author of the book SOLES of a SURVIVOR, which was published by Skyhorse Publishing, distributed by Simon & Schuster.

Next to her family, Nhi’s passion is to make a positive difference in people’s lives. In addition to being a Vietnamese interpreter, Nhi has also volunteered her time as a mediator for the Better Business Bureau. In 2018, Nhi received Volunteer Mediator of the Year from JCMS. Wanting continuous improvement in listening and speaking skills, Nhi has been an active member of Toastmasters for several years.

Interview with Colorado Public Radio
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